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  1. The universe follows an endless, energy neutral, cycle of 29 physically, chemically and nuclear steps/phases. One cycle of the universe takes about 2 - 3 trillion (10E12) years. At the end in phase 29 the universe starts all over again the very same cycle. Documents G7 English (255 p text) and G8 English (115 figures) . The universe started with a super cold Little Bang (G6 + figures 1 - 30 G8) Our universe is much older, it started some 40 - 45 billion years ago. That is why galaxies rotate so much faster than thought. Some 20 - 25 billion years ago all galaxies started the same moment with their own Big Bang; phase 16 + figures 42 - 54 G8. We cannot observe these phenomena because within a period of 13.6 - 13.8 billion years all photons of light and infrared disappear because they are transferred back into protons, electrons and new hydrogen / new stars. Document F1c. Berry Uiterwijk Winkel
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